IMF made a €2.5billion profit from loans to Greece

“With an interest rate of 3.6% the International Monetary Fund has made a 2.5 billion euro profit from the loans to Greece since 2010… Out of its lending to all countries in debt crisis between 2010 and 2014 the IMF has made a total profit of €8.4 billion, over a quarter of which is effectively from Greece. All of this money has been added to the Fund’s reserves, which now total €19 billion.”

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Why should the Greek debt be audited? by Eric Toussaint

The first parliamentary meeting of the Greek Debt Audit Commission, initiated by the President of the Greek Parliament Zoe Konstantopoulou and coordinated by the Belgian professor and President of the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt, Eric Toussaint, took place today. The aim of this Commission, in which the citizens’ participation is crucial, is to find out whether part of the Greek public debt is odious, illegal or illegitimate. Zoe Konstantopoulou declared: “’People have a right to demand that the portion of the debt that the commission finds to be illegal be cancelled’”.

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Alain Badiou and Stathis Kouvelakis in conversation on Syriza and whether a radical break from the eurozone is possible.

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Newsletter June 2014

Newsletter June 2014

Dear friends and comrades,

The results of last week’s European elections created a loud echo by bringing a message of illegitimacy to the political elite of the European Union. Nevertheless, the number of votes allocated to the systemic parties still ensures that they retain the majority in the newly elected parliament. In order to cope with the systemic crisis of capitalism, all these bourgeoisie parties have introduced austerity and disastrous politics during the last five years that are leading to the pauperization of the people of Europe, demolition of social state, abolishment of labor rights, criminalization of social struggles and movements.
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Freedom of Information under Pressure Pre-Conference Event


In the frame of the International Conference “Freedom of Information under Pressure. Control – Crisis – Culture” (, solidarity4all.vienna is organizing the screening of the documentary “Ruins – Chronicle of a HIV witch-hunt”, with which we intend to thematize another yet example of the oppression and antidemocratic policies that are nowadays applied in Greece.
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Children of the Riots

As the financial crisis weighs heavily on Greece, the country seems trapped in a cycle of violence. But discontent over the misuse of power has long been simmering. Greek youths reflect on how the killing of a teenager by police changed their lives.
A film by Christos Georgiou :

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6 december

image.ashxFive years after the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the police thousands of young people demonstrate in Athens and other greek cities, not only to remember that the state’s terrorism murdered their classmate but also because they are angry at the government’s politics against people’s rights. They are angry because of the new measurements for education that make school more intensive and expensive, because their parents get fired, because they are constantly terrorized at school and in every fight and strike, because the fascists stab pupils and killed two months ago the antifascist singer Pavlos Fyssas; because this politics destroys their future and their dreams. But they are also angry for the death of their 13-year-old classmate Sara from carbon monoxide because she didn’t have electricity at home!

Today the government showed once more who they consider to be their real enemy: young demonstrators where attacked aggressively by the police who used gas and arrested 30 pupils. We denounce the attack from the police and support the today’s massive demonstrations.

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